let it snow..

just standing in the snow in my back yard.

well the weather sure has been frightful! it snowed a little over 14 inches in the last 36 hours.. that is a lot of snow! i've been hibernating in my house because i've been too afraid to try and venture on the roads. that's okay though, it has given me plenty of time to unpack my things though, oh and i can't forget all the holiday cooking. i think it's safe to say i made maybe 16 dozen cookies, and a few batches of brownies. the neighbors better be loving me. but it's okay, i've secretly missed cooking so much while i've been away, so it was a nice way to break myself back in.


T minus 11 days!

so i know i have been so terrible at this whole blogging thing, but as i have found out, college takes a lot out of you! i have been wanting to spend as little amount of time as possible on my computer, seeing as to how all my homework is done on this thing.
i have decided to finally make a post due to the lovely holiday coming up! ah christmas :) definitely my favorite holiday out of them all. the christmas tree decorating, the wreaths, christmas lights, and the music. and i have found an absolutely wonderful sight that has great christmas music. as much as i love the classics, they get just a little bit old.. so check this sight out..  www.heyitschristmas.com  it's still all of our favorite christmastime music, with just a little bit of a new sound.. check it out.. you'll enjoy.


road trip!

fall break. two words never sounded so good put together. especially when you add 1 week to it. i just finished all my midterms last week, so my brain neeeeds this relaxation.  i spent the weekend in provo with my family and friends there, and had a very enjoyable lunch with my sister ciara at Zupas (highly highly recommended, especially their turkey bacon avocado panini) then enjoyed some delicious cupcakes. 
on tuesday my parents my little brother and i headed out for cali. we ended not leaving until around 4 in the afternoon, but my parents were set on driving all night to get us to cali. when we could see the vegas skyline, my parents quickly changed their minds. my mom got on the phone and booked the first hotel she could get, and that was the best decision ever. we enjoyed a nice buffet then all fell asleep watching the 33 miners in chile being pulled out of the mine. 
and all day wednesday we just lounged by the pool, then headed to cali

and now today we are headed to the beach, then to knotts scary farm this evening. mm. i love break.


B-Y-Ute? U-gar?

i don't see anything wrong with these titles? and i wear them proudly. i was raised a cougar fan, but i am now a ute, and i definitely don't see any point in me turning my back on the cougars, even though they aren't the best this year... on saturday i went to the cougar game with my family and we met up with some of the byu basketball team boys, they were quite ashamed of me though when i told them that i was now a utah student. and this is the resulting picture.

first, brandon didn't think that my face deserved to be
in the picture, just my sweatshirt.
then, my mom had to get on his case and let me
be in the picture, ignore me looking all mussed up, that
is thanks to them.. 
guess we'll have to see who my alliances are to by the end of the year, my vote is for the utes, but don't tell my dad that.


choosing to be happy

i stole this from a blog that i read and i fell in love with it a little bit. please read it and tell me that you do not love it too. 
it got me thinking though, about how often we do blame our situations and others for things that happen to us. and i realized that i need to start looking for the good things in life instead of letting little things bother me. so i am now resolved to always be the happiest person that i can be. lets see how that goes..
and in the meantime, here is a pretty picture.


my day

so today i became very determined to find a job, so i got myself dressed up all cute and headed down to the gateway.. 11 applications later i feel pretty confident that i am going to get at least one of the jobs.
after spending a countless amount of time filling those out i went on a lovely little adventure with my long-time friend rachel down to the institute building for a fondu party.. that was a fail. there were maybe 10 people there, so we just sat outside and listened to this.. Our summer theme song of 2008 and this.. Our "mating call". all the while enjoying our chocolate and pretzels.


so long sweet summer..

and hello fall! i am so excited to for all of the leaves to change colors and for the canyons to become so pretty again. and not going to lie, i am so excited for the fall fashions! boots, sweaters, coats.. mm.


okay, that is all for now. i'm getting too excited.


i have returned

well turns out college doesn't leave much time for blogging, but i am forgoing sleep at the moment to do this.. finally. these last couple of weeks have been so awesome. i'm trying to get used to the whole college, and so far it is working out so great. i've had quite a few adventures, and cannot wait for the rest of this year.
This is only half of what I took up with me..
I had to capture my first day of school
My first brain cramp of college
At the zoo with my sister
First football game as a Ute.. still getting used to that one.
cruisin the streets of SLC
Makes me feel like I'm kind of in a big city.



i'm supposed to be packing right now because the big move is tomorrow, but i just can't seem to make myself want to go do it. maybe that's just because i have this mess waiting for me..

and this is only some of it. i just keep telling myself that it's going to be worth it. wish me luck!


sundrenched world

it was just one of those beautiful days, where i just sat in my backyard and relaxed. it was great. i'm definitely going to miss this when i move.
p.s. move in day is in 4 days!


it's official

this is my new home
as of tuesday i am an official resident of the university of utah. i will be living in the gateway heights dorms. i'm really nervous about living in the dorms though. i hope my roommate isn't a complete freak and that we get along, otherwise i don't know how i am going to survive a full year sharing a room the size of a shoebox with her. but i'm trying to find ideas for ways to decorate my room. because right now it's quite an eyesore. 
i have less than one week until move in day, and i don't think that is nearly enough time to find things to make my room cute, but it's okay. things will eventually fall into place, i hope.

i'm definitely going to need something like this.

and i think that this is a must


not ready.. quite yet.

today my mom decided that it was time for me to start putting some things aside for my new apartment. so far we have:
  • 4 dinner plates
  • 4 hand towels
  • 3 wash cloths
  • 3 towels
  • 2 pillow cases
  • 1 set of bed sheets
  • 1 bottle of dish soap
  • and last but not least, chicken seasoning
i would like to think that this is all i need. 


my mom, my mentor, my best friend
everyone has to grow up eventually. i just never thought that it would happen this soon. here i am, moving to salt lake, and leaving the home and comfort that i have always known. although i am only moving 40 minutes away, i feel as if i am moving to another country. and thinking about it, i have come to realize that i dont know how to do much on my own. i still dont know which laundry basket to put my clothes in to. i am always having to call my mom into the laundry room to tell me that yes, blue jeans are a dark, and that pinks go with reds, not in the white basket. i am also trying to accept the fact that i am going to be eating a lot of top ramen and cereal. and no longer the delicious meals that my mom has made for me pretty much every night for last 18 years. i will no longer be spoiled, and am certainly going to be roughing it, in comparison to what i have now. but i guess that there is a time and a place to finally grow up, and this is my turn.