road trip!

fall break. two words never sounded so good put together. especially when you add 1 week to it. i just finished all my midterms last week, so my brain neeeeds this relaxation.  i spent the weekend in provo with my family and friends there, and had a very enjoyable lunch with my sister ciara at Zupas (highly highly recommended, especially their turkey bacon avocado panini) then enjoyed some delicious cupcakes. 
on tuesday my parents my little brother and i headed out for cali. we ended not leaving until around 4 in the afternoon, but my parents were set on driving all night to get us to cali. when we could see the vegas skyline, my parents quickly changed their minds. my mom got on the phone and booked the first hotel she could get, and that was the best decision ever. we enjoyed a nice buffet then all fell asleep watching the 33 miners in chile being pulled out of the mine. 
and all day wednesday we just lounged by the pool, then headed to cali

and now today we are headed to the beach, then to knotts scary farm this evening. mm. i love break.