Quick update about my life as of late
  • Finally graduated school!
  • Only have about 60 more hours of my internship 
  • Made the great move back up to Salt Lake again (notice how I changed the title back to it's former glory?)
  • Moved in with a Vegan (she gets the au naturale popcorn, while I lather mine up in butter. We make it work)
  • We have had no internet for the past two weeks. Turns out I like the internet. I like it a lot.
  • We also have had no furniture except a kitchen table. Yesterday we went venturing to DI and finally bought some kitchen chairs though. We couldn't fit much more in my little car.
  • And I think the greatest news might be that I only have to fill my car up once every two weeks or so, rather than once every three days. Living in the same city where I work, wait, let's make that better.. Living a 5 minutes walk from my work makes life so much better. 
I think that's about all that's been going on. Hopefully once I get my internet back I'll be a little more faithful.