Well guys, I finally moved out of a 45 mile radius of my parent's house. I'm in Phoenix, Arizona now! Guess it's time for me to come up with a clever little blog name again. Hopefully moving down here will give me some interesting stuff to actually blog about now.
But I drove down here last week. Started out the trip by myself and met up with my sister in Vegas in which she finished the ride with me. While by myself, I might have sung myself hoarse and possibly learned all the words to Bohemian Rhapsody. Definitely tried to be as cute as these kids but I'm not sure that's possible.
Shae and I did spend the night in Vegas, and had the time of our lives. Haha pictures below. We also might have stopped by the Hoover Dam along the way as well. Oh and funny story about that one. It was soo windy and I was wearing a short dress. Not a good combination. If I wanted to stop I had to tuck my dress between my legs, then when I wanted to walk again I have to verrry quickly grab my skirt and hold it down. But quite a few times my dress decided to recreate the Marilyn Monroe. I had a security guard come and tell me there was no dam flashing allowed. Ha clever little guy. But let's just saw that my cute little underwear was seen by more than just me that day. hahaha
bye mom!
Got our bling-bling on

It was a wee bit windy.

We mustache you a question, but we're shaving it for later.