“Try to learn to breathe deeply, really to taste food when you eat, and when you sleep really sleep. Try as much as possible to be wholly alive with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell. And when you get angry, get good and angry. Try to be alive. You will be dead soon enough.”-William Saroyan


Whoa, excuse my absence please. But you are probably used to it. Arizona has been treating me well, I'm still not quite used to it, and I still have my bouts of wanting to move back to Salt Lake, but I'm trying to suppress those feelings. About a month ago though, I took a very last minute trip to visit a friend of mine in San Fransisco. And when I say last minute I mean he texted me at 1030 Friday night seeing when I was going to come and visit him, and I proposed that I get on the very next flight at 530am on Saturday. So I did. It was so much fun too. We saw two baseball games, went to Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39, got delicous ice cream at Ghiradelli's Square, saw the Painted Ladies (maybe even played the Full House theme song a few times as well), and we got to celebrate the 75th birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge with hundreds of other people. Over all a pretty awesome trip, and I seriously can't wait to go back again. Well, here's picture time! Don't act like you didn't know it was coming.

We waited for an hour and a half for Mama's, and it was oh so worth it (see the huge line behind us? Can't believe we were at the end of that..)

                                 Random art show we found while walking through San Fran

Fisherman's Wharf

                                The seals at Pier 39. We watched them for a good 45 minutes

                         A beautiful garden/sanctuary place we found that was built for the world fair


It's the Ladies!

                                                       Beautiful city at night, I'm in love.


Well guys, I finally moved out of a 45 mile radius of my parent's house. I'm in Phoenix, Arizona now! Guess it's time for me to come up with a clever little blog name again. Hopefully moving down here will give me some interesting stuff to actually blog about now.
But I drove down here last week. Started out the trip by myself and met up with my sister in Vegas in which she finished the ride with me. While by myself, I might have sung myself hoarse and possibly learned all the words to Bohemian Rhapsody. Definitely tried to be as cute as these kids but I'm not sure that's possible.
Shae and I did spend the night in Vegas, and had the time of our lives. Haha pictures below. We also might have stopped by the Hoover Dam along the way as well. Oh and funny story about that one. It was soo windy and I was wearing a short dress. Not a good combination. If I wanted to stop I had to tuck my dress between my legs, then when I wanted to walk again I have to verrry quickly grab my skirt and hold it down. But quite a few times my dress decided to recreate the Marilyn Monroe. I had a security guard come and tell me there was no dam flashing allowed. Ha clever little guy. But let's just saw that my cute little underwear was seen by more than just me that day. hahaha
bye mom!
Got our bling-bling on

It was a wee bit windy.

We mustache you a question, but we're shaving it for later.


I have missed listening to these girls play at Velour. So happy they're making music again


Just saw them live. I am so so in love. It's almost ridiculous.


Friday morning I got a text from my dad "Cali? Flight's @245" um.. okay! That is definitely one of the perks of having a flight attendant for a mom. But the not so great part, as soon as we landed my mom got called out on a two day trip. So it ended up just being my dad and I for the weekend, which was still great.
Oh beach sunsets, I live for you.

fuzzy pink beach cruiser? yes please.


Today was a beautiful day. I went on a run up City Creek Trip, and geez, it was so pretty! And I actually did run. I was quite proud of myself. It miiight have been just the downhill part that I ran, but hey, better than nothing. I will also admit that I listened to "I Like How It Feels" by mister Enrique Iglesias, on repeat as a sort of motivator, and it actually worked. Yay stupid tricks. But now it's picture time

 I then graced the new Harmon's with my presence, and I don't think I've ever been so impressed by a grocery store.
I mean come on, would you look at that ice cream selection?! 


It's just becoming one of those days where I would so much rather just sit here on my computer and drink my tea rather than go and do something. Now that I am done with my internship (Oh yeah. Forgot to make that announcement. I'M DONE!! hahahaha aaaand moving on) I don't quite know what to do until I find myself a job. I did think about going for a run, but it snowed for like 3 minutes, and I might have talked myself out of it. I'm horrible, I know. 
But here's a picture of me yesterday. Yes I know you were all just sitting by your computers just wishing I would post another picture of myself. Here is your wish come true. Hahaha I'm trying to like my hair, so I'm going to start trying some new styles.


And I was like...

Baby, baby, baby oooh
Like baby, baby, baby nooo
Like baby, baby, baby oooh
I thought you'd always be mine

Hahahaha sorry guys, I couldn't resist. I'm considering uploading my photo to this site. Minus the part where I'm a lesbian. I swear. I still like boys. hahahaha
I have survived the first casualty caused by my apartment. Barely though, and my finger would actually quite disagree with me. Stupid stove top that wouldn't turn hot, but when I full-fledged put my finger on it to test it out, it decided to be quite quite hot. Yay for roommates that have every kind of anti-burn cream out there.

But onto better things now. I have decided to start running. Not the kind where I get on the treadmill, run for about 1 minute and walk the rest of the mile, then brag to everyone I see that day that I ran for a 20 minutes. "Hey, you don't know me, but I ran today. Aaand for 20 minutes. You're so jealous, I know." (ha sorry about that.) But no, roommate is training for a half marathon, so she is teaching me how to begin running while she is doing the real thing. I do my 4 minutes running, 1 minute walking. All the while she is running circles around me (yeah, I wish I was kidding about that part).
And this picture couldn't apply any more perfectly. 

But after run we were stretching out and this little guy came to say hi.


Well kids, I went and did it. I chopped all my hair off. Yep. And the moral of the story is.. don't do those types of things on a whim. I definitely joined the ranks of the girl that cries after she gets her hair cut.. It's going to take me quite a long while to get used to this one. Thank goodness my hair grows kind of somewhat fast, and I have also doubled up on my biotin use. I'm hoping that by some miracle my hair will magically grown and I won't have to get used to this cut at all. Too wishful of thinking?

But at least I have Ginnifer Goodwin to look to for some styling tips. These are a few of my favorite of hers..

Now I just need to find myself a professional stylist to come and do my hair everyday.. Any of you know someone? hahaha


these are the ways you love yourself. (to forgive).

forgive yourself the nights you climb into bed full-face of makeup, too tired to take it off. forgive yourself the days when one latte is not enough, when the two major food groups are coffee and sugar. forgive yourself that one night when at two am you woke to use the bathroom and inhaled an entire chocolate bar instead. forgive the time spent with a man you now have not one nice thing to say about. and forgive just how long it took to get over him. he was not good and not kind and he is not your fault. keep some secrets closer. forgive yourself for actually loving the gentle curve of your hips. and to hell with a society which suggests you might not or should not. they herald your womanhood, the man you marry will lose himself in them, they will hoist groceries and children. they are sturdy--anchoring you firmly to this earth. forgive the nights you cannot sleep--sadness or some unnamed force pressing heavy on your chest. forgive the mistakes of the last several years. so you made them. okay. enough. move on. the mistakes and the fault-lines, they are the foundation. forgive yourself that you did not choose an easier path. and forgive yourself the sadness you caused those around you. the broken-promises and cutting words and the things left unsaid. fear was large and biting. forgive the anger you feel. feel it and then look again with kinder eyes. forgive yourself for not handling it all better, for feeling like you let others down. the path is not done, the road is not finished, why are you trying so hard to rush the whole thing? celebrate the fact that your story has some major departures. go ahead and use that expensive serum that promises to diminish those fine lines. protect and preserve your skin. but when the day does come when forehead creases no longer fade into the background, give thanks. humanity made visible! you will be loved all the more for this. you will love yourself all the more for this.  and please, for the love of all that is good and holy forgive yourself for loving a man who cannot love you back. love him anyway. send that love into the world and let it fill you up. the only way to know the story is to go out and and write it. live your way into it. ferociously. begin to live and work and fight and love with an unparalleled ferocity. let fear dictate nothing. unfurl your chest, you have all the armor you'll ever need. see with wide eyes and don't forget to laugh.

Found via my favorite blog


So I get that fur is in, I really do. It can be great sometimes, but are these for reals?

But The Sartorialist is still a great fashion photographer, so you should check out his other stuff too.