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           When you look at the world in a narrow way, how narrow it seems! When you look at it in a mean way, how mean it is! When you look at it selfishly, how selfish it is! But when you look at it in a broad, generous, friendly spirit, what wonderful people you find in it.
-Horace Rutledg-
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Today mama and I spent quite a bit of time cooking. Seriously. Started at 12 and didn't end until about 6 or 7, but geez, we got a lot done. Here's just a few of the things we made.

When you don't have a automatic mixer when making meringue, this is the next best thing. I wasn't about to hold that blender for 15 minutes.

The finished product.  Might I add that it was absolutely delicious. It was even said by my parents it's their new favorite dessert. (I'm going to believe they actually meant it and weren't just saying it because they have to..)

We also made some scones to go along with our dinner. 
Since it's Sunday, we decided that calories don't count. 
new song obsession. maybe even artist obsession.


Somewhere someone is traveling furiously toward you,
At incredible speed, traveling day and night,
Through blizzards and desert heat, across torrents,
through narrow passes.
But he will know where to find you,
Recognize you when he sees you

john ashberry