I have lost my ability to sleep in past 5 am. Stupid internal clock. It's amazing how much time I can waste in the time between 5 and when I have to leave. I don't get how people have these inspirational things come to them in the morning before anyone is awake, or they tend to get so much done that they normally can't. My routine is to wake up, try to avoid looking at the clock so I don't have to confirm what time it is, grab my phone and give in, get caught up on instagram and even read every tweet I missed on twitter, then get on my computer and usually spend my time on pinterest (as yes, my name is Alexis, and I am addicted to pinterest). But as of late, I've been spending my mornings looking for an apartment up in Salt Lake. Speaking of, do you know how difficult it is to find an affordable place up there? I've been searching for the past couple of weeks, and am still coming up empty handed, I was planning on moving this weekend, but that's not going to happen, unless some miracle occurs (unlikely). So if you happen to know of places, hook a friend up :)