Friday morning I got a text from my dad "Cali? Flight's @245" um.. okay! That is definitely one of the perks of having a flight attendant for a mom. But the not so great part, as soon as we landed my mom got called out on a two day trip. So it ended up just being my dad and I for the weekend, which was still great.
Oh beach sunsets, I live for you.

fuzzy pink beach cruiser? yes please.


Today was a beautiful day. I went on a run up City Creek Trip, and geez, it was so pretty! And I actually did run. I was quite proud of myself. It miiight have been just the downhill part that I ran, but hey, better than nothing. I will also admit that I listened to "I Like How It Feels" by mister Enrique Iglesias, on repeat as a sort of motivator, and it actually worked. Yay stupid tricks. But now it's picture time

 I then graced the new Harmon's with my presence, and I don't think I've ever been so impressed by a grocery store.
I mean come on, would you look at that ice cream selection?! 


It's just becoming one of those days where I would so much rather just sit here on my computer and drink my tea rather than go and do something. Now that I am done with my internship (Oh yeah. Forgot to make that announcement. I'M DONE!! hahahaha aaaand moving on) I don't quite know what to do until I find myself a job. I did think about going for a run, but it snowed for like 3 minutes, and I might have talked myself out of it. I'm horrible, I know. 
But here's a picture of me yesterday. Yes I know you were all just sitting by your computers just wishing I would post another picture of myself. Here is your wish come true. Hahaha I'm trying to like my hair, so I'm going to start trying some new styles.