B-Y-Ute? U-gar?

i don't see anything wrong with these titles? and i wear them proudly. i was raised a cougar fan, but i am now a ute, and i definitely don't see any point in me turning my back on the cougars, even though they aren't the best this year... on saturday i went to the cougar game with my family and we met up with some of the byu basketball team boys, they were quite ashamed of me though when i told them that i was now a utah student. and this is the resulting picture.

first, brandon didn't think that my face deserved to be
in the picture, just my sweatshirt.
then, my mom had to get on his case and let me
be in the picture, ignore me looking all mussed up, that
is thanks to them.. 
guess we'll have to see who my alliances are to by the end of the year, my vote is for the utes, but don't tell my dad that.